Update phpBB installation

With this option, it is possible to update your phpBB installation to the latest version.
During the process all of your files will be checked for their integrity. You are able to review all differences and files before the update.

The file update itself can be done in two different ways.

Manual Update

With this update you only download your personal set of changed files to make sure you do not lose your file modifications you may have done. After you downloaded this package you need to manually upload the files to their correct position under your phpBB root directory. Once done, you are able to do the file check stage again to see if you moved the files to their correct location.

Automatic Update with FTP

This method is similar to the first one but without the need to download the changed files and uploading them on your own. This will be done for you. In order to use this method you need to know your FTP login details since you will be asked for them. Once finished you will be redirected to the file check again to make sure everything got updated correctly.